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Benefits of Renting Commercial Storage Near You

Where can you find reliable commercial storage for your Wausau, WI, business? Stor-in-Dor is the best in the business—with smart-lock technology and climate-controlled storage units. Our indoor self storage facility provides the optimal conditions to protect precious business cargo, like documents and inventory. Not sure where to start? Contact our storage office on South 18th Avenue to talk through your business storage needs, so you can find the best self storage option near you.

Indoor Storage Units

Find Commercial Storage Near You

What Is Commercial Storage?

Commercial storage is a term used to describe the process of storing goods and materials for business purposes. This can include anything from storing inventory for a retail business to storing raw materials for a manufacturing company. In most cases, commercial storage takes place in a warehouse or other type of storage facility. These facilities are typically large and have high ceilings to accommodate tall stacks of goods. They may also have special features such as climate control or security features to protect the stored items. Businesses will typically look for storage when they need to store a large amount of goods or when the items need to be kept in a specific environment.

Who Can Benefit from Commercial Storage?

The short answer is that any business would benefit from renting self storage. By storing items you do not use frequently off your business property, you are leaving more room to create a clean, professional work and meeting space. These are examples of professions that commonly look to their local self storage facilities for extra space.

Trade Professions

Job sites are always bustling with people, so it’s helpful to have an area where you can store tools and materials that won’t be needed for your current job. Keep what is necessary in the work truck, and store everything else in self storage. Team members can quickly access these storage units early morning hours or late at night as they need to swap materials for different jobs.

Retail Shops

Store away new batches of products and seasonal pieces, so you can keep shelves organized during busy times. Whether you run a brick-and-mortar shop or conduct all your sales online, Stor-in-Dor has the climate-controlled storage units you need to protect your inventory long-term.

Sales Representatives

If you’re a sales representative who travels often, it’s important to have access and control of your inventory at all times. A climate-controlled storage unit provides this for representatives selling sensitive items, such as pharmaceuticals. Make sure you have access to the necessary storage features to protect your items over a long period of time.

Where Can You Find Commercial Storage in Wausau, WI?

Are you ready to find more storage space for your business? Contact Stor-in-Dor today to get set up in a commercial storage unit near you. Our self storage facility allows you to browse and rent our Wausau, WI, storage units online. If you already know the size and amenities you need, you can quickly rent contact-free through our website. Otherwise, our storage professionals are happy to assist you through the process. Find your self storage with Stor-in-Dor!

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Katie Mest

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