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Tips on How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths

How can you get rid of clothes moths if you suspect they might have crept into your stored fabrics? Take action right away, but do not panic. Clothes moths are a common pest, and Stor-in-Dor has self storage tips to help you save your clothing and prevent any further damage. We are a storage facility in Wausau, WI, and your local resource for self storage units, packing supplies, and professional storage advice. Follow the steps below to rid your space of clothes moths for good!

how to get rid of clothes moths

How You Can Get Rid of Clothes Moths in Your Storage Space

Identify the Clothes Moths

Clothes moths are not always immediately obvious, but you should know the signs so you can keep a look out. The casemaking clothes moth and the webbing clothes moth are the threats to watch for—not the ones that make their way inside to go after plants. Clothes moths can leave behind holes in your fabrics and a web material, especially in animal fibers like cashmere or fur. As larvae, they will look for homes in your fabrics, and this is when they do the most damage. As adults, they can be about a centimeter long and show a gray or yellow color.

Assess the Damage Done & Clean It Away

When you know for certain that clothes moths are to blame, it’s time take action. You’ll want search through all of the fabrics in your storage space and remove any heavily affected pieces. Items that are too damaged to attempt to repair are better to be discarded. Remaining pieces can go into the wash on a warm setting (or dry cleaning if that is what its tag calls for). Then you can stitch up and repair as needed. After your stored items are cleaned, you need to clean your storage space. Any carpeting needs to be well-vacuumed, as well as steam cleaned or shampooed for best results. You should immediately throw out affected items and vacuum bags to completely rid your space of the clothes moths.

Pack with Extra Caution in the Future

What is the key to keeping clothes moths out of your storage? Clothes moths can be discouraged by using air-tight containers to store fabrics. Storage containers like garment bags are not bad options, but they still pose some risk. Tape up places, like seams, that might have holes or could wear over time to produce holes.

Clothes moths like dark, humid environments, so any time you are able to open up your storage space to create some airflow will be beneficial. Every now and then, take the time to rearrange your set-up and move your boxes around to keep your storage from becoming static. Also, check through containers of fabrics frequently for any signs of damage!

Store with Climate Control at Stor-in-Dor in Wausau, WI

Now that you have your clothes moth problem under control, would you like to upgrade your storage space? Stor-in-Dor offers all climate-controlled storage units, so you can give your belongings the best possible protection available. Our climate control keeps storage units from fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels—warding off damages before they can even form. Climate-controlled storage is particularly beneficial for storing items such as artwork, antiques, electronics, musical instruments, and important documents, as these items may be susceptible to warping, mold, or corrosion in unfavorable conditions. By providing a stable environment, climate-controlled storage units help ensure the long-term preservation of valuable and delicate possessions.

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Katie Mest

Katie Mest

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