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commercial storage at Stor-in-Dor in Wausau, WI
Streamline Operations with Convenient Small Business Storage
February 15, 2024

Where can you find reliable self storage for your Wausau, WI, business? Stor-in-Dor is the best in the area—with smart-lock technology and climate-controlled storage units. Our indoor self storage facility provides the optimal conditions to protect precious business cargo, like documents and inventory. Not sure where to start? Contact our storage office on South 18th […]

small pantry organization
How to Achieve Small Pantry Organization with Limited Space
November 30, 2023

Is your apartment kitchen storage just not cutting it anymore? Stor-in-Dor has small pantry organization ideas that can help you make the most of the space you do have without any expensive additions. When you have the support of a self storage facility near you, you can tackle home organization projects with ease. Connect with […]

Indoor Storage Units
5 Items That Absolutely Need Climate-Controlled Storage at Stor-in-Dor
September 18, 2023

The temperate climate of Wausau, WI, with its cold winters and warm summers, can be a blessing for residents who enjoy seasonal variety. However, for certain prized possessions, these fluctuations can become a potential threat. Enter climate-controlled storage: a solution designed to keep your valuables safe from the whims of Mother Nature. At Stor-in-Dor, we […]

Storage Units
The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Storage Units
September 7, 2023

In the world of storage solutions, one size doesn’t fit all. From safeguarding family heirlooms to providing a temporary home for your sports equipment, the kind of storage you need can vary greatly based on what you’re storing and for how long. At Stor-in-Dor in Wausau, WI, we understand that every individual has unique storage […]

image of Christmas parade
A Seasonal Event Guide to Wausau WI
May 22, 2023

Welcome to our comprehensive “Seasonal Event Guide to Wausau, WI.” Nestled in the heart of Wisconsin, Wausau is a city that proudly embraces the changing seasons, celebrating each one with a variety of vibrant events that reflect its rich culture, community spirit, and the stunning natural beauty of the surrounding area. From the snowy splendor […]

climate controlled storage
What You Need to Know About Climate-Controlled Storage
March 17, 2023

Looking to store with Stor-in-Dor? You are in luck that our storage facility in Wausau, WI, is completely climate controlled. We offer a variety of sizes, so you can pick out the best fit for your situation. And our helpful staff is available in person on South 18th Avenue or over the phone to assist […]

Creating Space With Self Storage feature image
Create More Space in Your Home with Self Storage
February 22, 2023

Has the clutter of your home become too much to bare? Self-storage can provide a secure, organized space for all of your essential items and free up room in any size house or business. Rather than sacrificing orderliness, with self-storage everything is kept orderly and within simple reach! Discover how this straightforward storage solution can […]

How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths
Tips on How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths
January 15, 2023

How can you get rid of clothes moths if you suspect they might have crept into your stored fabrics? Take action right away, but do not panic. Clothes moths are a common pest, and Stor-in-Dor has self storage tips to help you save your clothing and prevent any further damage. We are a storage facility […]

How to Find Houses to Flip
How To Find Houses to Flip for Beginners in Wausau, WI
April 21, 2022

How do you find houses to flip for your first real estate investment? Popular home improvement shows make it look easy; but there is a lot of work that goes into buying and flipping fixer-uppers. If you’re willing to put in the effort and take on some risks, the rewards can be great. Read Stor-in-Dor’s […]

Wausau, WI
Guide to Wausau, WI
August 6, 2021

  New to town? Whether you are visiting or staying for the long haul, we are happy to welcome you to Wausau, WI! Stor-in-Dor is your local source for self storage on the west side of the city. In addition to storage space, we are also happy to help you get to know the area. […]